2023 Paint the Town Pink

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“No matter your story, no matter how you get through your journey, we all have the same goal: To kick cancer’s butt. Don’t ever throw in the towel, don’t ever give up,” says 2022 Paint the Town Pink (PTTP) Ambassador, Cheryl Constancio.

Paint the Town Pink is an annual campaign to raise funds for breast cancer and other cancer research at The Hormel Institute. Paint the Town Pink allows researchers to further their research as well as fostering a greater connection with the community of Austin and communities throughout the region. While the initial focus of Paint the Town Pink was only breast cancer, the answers found through research grants have been able to affect many other cancers as well.

Paint the Town Pink has raised over $2 million to fund cancer research at The Hormel Institute. And because of the support of The Hormel Foundation, 100% of those donations go directly to research, none to administrative costs. Because of the amazing outpouring of support from the community, 15 Paint the Town Pink seed grants have now been distributed to researchers at The Hormel Institute.

Community funded Paint the Town Pink seed grants allow scientists to research exciting and innovative ideas to better prevent and control cancer. Each seed grant allows a scientist to collect initial data they can then use to apply for larger, national grants. These research ideas would not be possible without Paint the Town Pink. 

WE UNDERSTAND COVID-19 MAY IMPACT YOU, YOUR DONATION AND YOUR SUPPORT. If you can make a donation – of any amount – know every dollar helps scientists explore new solutions to cancer.  Indeed it is a very difficult time and we hope your health, your situation, your business or your job is secure and will grow stronger daily.

If you have a bright idea to keep the 15 cancer research studies underway at
The Hormel Institute funded and moving forward, please share it with us
or better yet, organize the event! You will have our full support including
promotion, prizes, banners, whatever you need.

For more information or if you are interested in hosting an event for
Paint the Town Pink 2023, contact Daneka Wiechmann at 507-437-9650 or PTTP@umn.edu.

Paint the Town Pink 2023… Keep Cancer Research Moving Forward!