PTTP Grants

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In 2017 the first Paint the Town Pink seed grants were distributed to scientists at The Hormel Institute. This year, seven new innovative PTTP research grants were awarded at The Hormel Institute. These seed grants fund research which would not otherwise be possible, and allow Institute scientists to gather preliminary data in novel areas. The researchers then use that data to apply for larger national grants to continue their research.

While the campaign is called “Paint the Town Pink” and signifies breast cancer, the research projects and studies benefit the understanding of many cancers.

This year’s Paint the Town Pink grant recipients and research projects are:

Dr. George Aslanidi – Testing of the novel vaccine on companion dogs with spontaneous cancer

Dr. Jarrod French – Improving liver cancer prognosis by regulating de novo purine biosynthesis

Dr. Ilana Chefetz – ALDH inhibitors in TNBC

Dr. Yibin Deng – Targeting human translation initiation factor eIF4A/eIF4G complex inhibits pathogenesis of inflammatory breast cancer in vivo

Dr. Sergio Gradilone – Development of targeted therapy for triple-negative breast cancer

Dr. Liang Liu – Hairless As A Novel Tumor Suppressor Gene in Breast Cancer

Dr. Shujun Liu – The Role of the FTO/m6A Axis in Breast Cancer